How We Help

Structured as a boutique Multi-Family Office, we focus on utilizing our proactive service, technology, and expertise to help you navigate the unique challenges of wealth.

Our wealth advisors help individuals and families ensure that your wealth is working for the benefit of your long-term financial goals while allowing you to live your life to the fullest with confidence and peace of mind. We seek to truly understand your financial hopes, needs, and dreams; then we take the complexity that comes with wealth and simplify your financial life in line with your intentions.

Public & Private Market Investments

Our wealth managers do more than simply handle investment management. We implement a proprietary “Quantamental” investment strategy; using mathematical principles and statistical methods along with traditional-value investor methodologies to patiently invest and build portfolios with a long-term focus. We seamlessly blend the theories of fundamental investing with many aspects of quantitative investing in both public and private market opportunities.

Tax Mitigation & Asset Protection Strategies

We provide proactive solutions to help minimize your exposure. Since our office team consists of former tax and estate planning attorneys and tax accountants, our wealth management services are in-depth and proactive, not reactive.

Financial Administration & Bill Pay Service

Our day-to-day cash-flow management and bookkeeping help you simplify your finances. We’ll help you take care of your bills and payments for services we literally have nothing to do with. Why would we do that for you? So you can focus on your family, your business—whatever else you’d rather be doing! Allow us to focus on the financial details.

Financial & Life Goals Planning

At the core of our work is the deep desire to truly understand your needs. Life-goal planning is rooted in the discovery of your lifelong pursuits and values aligning with your financial picture. With comprehensive wealth management and investment strategies, we can help automate the financial processes so your life goals become achievable.

Estate, Legacy & Philanthropic Planning

Our wealth management and investment advisors help you prepare for today, tomorrow, and the future. We work closely with you to provide the legacy you have always dreamed of and help you better predict the future.

Liquidity & Cash-Flow Planning

Are you comfortable knowing your assets are enough to cover your liabilities, now and in the days ahead? Our wealth advisors provide comprehensive liquidity and cash-flow planning that takes a deep dive into your finances to help ensure you have adequate cash flow.

Lending & Banking Management

We serve as your Family CFO to source lending and banking relationships. As an independently owned firm that is not bound to any certain bank or financial institution, we are banking agnostic and look to find our clients the best lending rates and the most convenient personal banking relationships. We have sourced everything from mortgages, to commercial business loans, to commercial real estate lending, aircraft lending, and lending on private company stock—just to name a few.

Pre-Sale & Family Business Succession Planning

One day, maybe in the not-so-distant future, or maybe decades from now, you will want to move on from your business. During a business sale, life can get pretty hectic. Our goal is to help you be prepared for the sale of the company in advance of any potential transaction. From understanding the structure of your personal entities to working with your attorneys and CPA, we help you create a road map before anyone signs on the dotted line. Let’s prepare your business now for what the future holds.

Family Governance & Next-Generation Financial Education

You’ve built a lucrative business and want the next generation to carry on the legacy, but are you confident they’ll manage that wealth successfully? By helping you and your family understand your relationship with your wealth, we aim to support you to empower and educate the next generation to be good stewards of wealth. Together we can provide the insight and tools to pass on to the next generation.

We take the necessary time to build genuine relationships that lead to
opportunities to thrive together.