Your Multi-Family Office

CFOs Are Not Just for Your Business

United with you. United for you.

We diligently listen and truly get to know you — that’s how Solidarity Wealth aligns with our clients.

Think of a family office as a corporate finance team for your personal finances—we are your Family CFO. As your wealth reaches new heights, traditional wealth management strategies often fall short of the unique needs and complexities of those building significant assets—especially those who have built successful businesses. 

This is where the Solidarity Multi-Family Office (MFO) comes into play—a solution tailored specifically for the ultra-wealthy who have increasingly complex investments and businesses. 

At Solidarity Wealth, we have an extensive team of wealth advisors, investment strategists, and tax advisors to offer a wide breadth of resources when you need them. We combine our diverse expertise with an intimate understanding of our clients’ financial landscapes to craft tailored strategies that go beyond standard wealth management practices. In short, we simplify your financial life.

Here are some of the family-office services Solidarity Wealth offers:

  • Bookkeeping: Our Solidarity MFO maintains meticulous financial records, ensuring transparency and accuracy in all financial transactions.
  • Bill Pay: We handle bill payments, simplifying the financial management process for our clients.
  • Tax Return Coordination: Our MFO expertly coordinates tax return preparations, minimizing tax liabilities while maintaining compliance with tax regulations.
  • Personal Financial Reporting & Analysis: Solidarity provides in-depth reporting and analysis of financial portfolios for all types of investments regardless of whether we are  managing them, helping our clients make informed decisions.
  • Fiduciary Accounting: We manage and oversee fiduciary accounts, safeguarding and managing assets in accordance with our clients’ wishes.
  • Income & Estate Tax Planning: At Solidarity, we develop comprehensive tax strategies to optimize tax efficiency and minimize liabilities for our clients.
  • Sourcing of Banking & Lending Relationships: Our Solidarity MFO leverages our extensive network to source the best banking and lending solutions for our clients.
  • Family Meeting & Mission Statement Planning: We facilitate family meetings and assist in crafting mission statements, fostering intergenerational communication, and preserving family legacies.
  • Wealth Education to Next-Gen Family Members: Our Solidarity team educates the next generation of family members about wealth management, financial responsibility, and the family’s values and goals.

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Our family office exists to help generations enjoy their wealth and life to the fullest.

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