As a fiduciary, fee-only registered investment advisory firm, we are paid directly by our clients, which reduces conflicts of interest and ensures you come first.
We are independent advisors, which means that unlike banks, insurance companies, and large financial services firms, we are able to focus exclusively on our clients, without the added conflicts created by working for a large corporation or stakeholders.
Our compensation model is transparent and straightforward, structured around an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee. This fee, calculated as a percentage of the total value of the assets we manage for you, is billed quarterly. Our rates begin at 1.25% of AUM, with the potential for reduction based on the levels of AUM. There are no hidden fees in our pricing structure. We do not accept commissions, gifts in kind, or any form of compensation for recommending specific securities or investments. This policy requires that our advice remains unbiased, focusing solely on what best serves your best interests.