Stock Equity Planning

Navigating Your Options

For founders, early employees, and senior executives of technology companies, equity compensation has become their most powerful way to build meaningful wealth. But the mix of acronyms can be daunting…


Incentive stock options


Non-qualified stock options


Restricted stock options


Performance stock options


Employee stock purchase plans

And the implications of when to exercise, how to exercise, and the liquidity to exercise can have enormous long-term consequences.

With our backgrounds as tax attorneys and accountants, combined with deep experience advising tech founders and executives, we are experts in guiding clients to maximize their equity compensation.

Now we offer our services broadly through a simple monthly planning fee as low as $499 per month ($6,000 annual fee)!

How we help you better predict your financial future.

15-minute Discovery Call

Introduction to your financial situation and see if we are a good fit.


1-hour Deep Dive

A deep discovery into you, your financial situation, equity compensation, and company grant agreements, and set expectations for a planning engagement.


Sign and Begin

You sign our planning contract and we get started.


Advisor Analysis Call

We break down our analysis based on your specific situation and provide actionable decision points for you to make an informed decision.


Coordination with Client’s CPA

We get connected to your current CPA or introduce you to our partner CPA firm.


Ongoing Customized Collaboration

From regular quarterly exercise analysis and reminders to updates based on life changes, we remain planning partners to help.