Why I Became a Wealth Advisor

My journey as a wealth advisor is fueled by a profound desire to make meaningful contributions to people’s lives. From early in my career, I knew I wanted to use my knowledge of financial services to create lasting relationships with people and guide them toward their financial goals. 

Today, as a dedicated wealth advisor at Solidarity Wealth, I’m able to leverage our team’s deep skill set and proactive approach to help our clientele across various regions in Utah, including Park City and its neighboring areas.

This is my story.

How I Got Started

Early in my career, I knew I wanted to be a part of the financial services industry, and I spent 12 years at Wells Fargo in Park City, Utah, as a regional private banker.

At Wells Fargo, I was responsible for building tailored banking, credit, and retirement strategies to help clients progress in their financial journey. My love of helping people pursue their financial dreams was solidified when I partnered with advisors at the bank and could see the impact that developing lifelong relationships with families can have.

My Career Today

The next step was bringing my love of building relationships with clients to my role as a wealth advisor. 

My ideal client is someone I believe I can truly help financially. It could be building a financial plan to make them feel comfortable with retirement, cash-flow needs, estate planning, or tax strategies. Most often, it’s not just one of those financial services that define our collaboration, but a combination of all those subjects as they span a lifelong relationship.

The Greatest Benefit I Provide to My Clients

Finances are emotional. No doubt about it. 

My job as a wealth advisor is to make sure we leave the emotions on the side and make decisions by exploring multiple angles to make the right choice. Because I truly care about my clients and get to know them as individuals, I’m able to make wealth management suggestions based on what’s the smartest strategy for their long-term goals and not their emotional needs. 

Additionally, not only do I work to understand the client’s individual needs, but also their entire family’s needs. I focus on family dynamics and the education needed to help create generational wealth and healthy financial habits. My ultimate goal is to work with the entire family and educate each member with the knowledge our team has to help them pursue short- and long-term goals. 

The Most Fulfilling Part of My Job

The most satisfying part of my job is creating personalized retirement and financial plans for families to help them pursue their financial and family goals throughout their lives. 

I absolutely love the community I live and work in. I feel like I’m making an impact on individuals and my community as a whole. I love seeing my clients at the grocery store or on the mountain and continuously getting to know them better. 

I will be in this profession for many years to come, working to help my clients reach a variety of huge milestones, such as important job changes, retirement, and new liquidity events. This aspect of our partnership allows me to get to know extended family members as well. 

The bottom line is that my original passion remains. I love working with new individuals and families and understanding what drives their financial dreams and priorities. My mission is for my clients’ wealth to be used exactly as they intend.

Partner With a Professional

The entire Solidarity Wealth team prioritizes aligning our services with you, your needs, and your goals. We provide the qualitative and quantitative level of care you deserve. By doing so, we help you pursue what’s most important to you. 

Together, we navigate the unique challenges of wealth to better plan your financial future. Helping you be the ideal version of yourself brings our team great satisfaction, every day.

When you’re ready to see what wealth management can do for you and your business, reach out to us at info@solidaritywealth.com or call 385-374-1665 to schedule a discovery call. 

About Danny

Danny Clark has a passion for serving successful families and making a positive impact in their lives. With over a decade of experience in the financial services and banking industry, he creates personalized retirement and financial plans for families to help them pursue their financial and family goals throughout their life. Danny’s experience in serving some of Park City’s most established families along with the deep experience, skill, and services of the Solidarity Wealth team allow Danny the opportunity to serve a growing number of successful families.

Prior to joining Solidarity Wealth, Danny served as a Wealth Advisor at another firm, and before that spent 12 years at Wells Fargo in Park City as a regional private banker. At Wells Fargo, Danny was responsible for developing lifelong relationships with families, while developing tailored banking, credit, and retirement solutions to help his clients be successful in their financial journey.

Danny has his bachelor’s degree in business management and holds the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® designation. He and his wife, Lindsay, are Park City natives and raising their own family. In his free time, Danny is an avid golfer and skier, and enjoys spending time with his family.

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