2022-10_Why We Started Solidarity Wealth

“Remember why you started.” This anonymous quote is often used to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to not give up and keep pushing forward toward their goals. As entrepreneurs ourselves, who serve entrepreneurial clients, we felt it appropriate to follow this advice as we celebrate a significant milestone this month. October is our one-year anniversary of starting Solidarity Wealth! While we’re excited about the success we have experienced this past year—both for our firm and our clients—we want to take a moment and explain why we decided to open our own independent multi-family office wealth management firm. 

Getting Started

Our story began when the three of us were working for one of the largest national banks and wealth management firms. For years we kept hearing our most important and valued clients say they wanted us to do more for them beyond traditional wealth management. With each of us having different skill sets and backgrounds, these requests spanned into deeper tax and planning advice, stronger multi-generational family involvement, and a broader set of public and private investments. Being familiar with the sophistication of multi-family offices that you more commonly find on the coasts, we knew this type of firm was possible. So after years of encouragement from clients, prospects, and influential attorneys and CPAs, we listened to that encouragement and formed our own independent Registered Independent Advisory (RIA). 

Becoming an RIA allowed us to build a deeper client experience, access better client technology, and expand our offerings, including specialized services such as private investment opportunities, all-encompassing business succession planning, and more. We are also able to operate as a multi-family office and include additional services such as accounting, bookkeeping, bill pay, and monthly full-income and net-worth reporting. 

It will always be one of life’s great ironies that we had to leave a massive national bank and wealth management firm with tens of thousands of employees to start our own, relatively small firm to do more for our clients and provide them access to greater resources and technology!

A Unique Approach

When it comes to managing our clients’ complex financial lives, we work to take what clients feel is complex and simplify it. We provide a unique approach and a level of care that we believe is lacking in our industry. Our client relationships are, first and foremost, just that: relationships built over time, founded on the principles of trust and partnership. We take the time to listen and get to know you so we can then build a comprehensive plan to help you reach your financial goals.  Many of our clients have become great friends, so it’s personally rewarding to help them in all aspects of their financial life. 

Since our clientele are mostly entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives, they require and appreciate that we have the flexibility to offer technology tailored specifically to our client’s needs which was not an option when under a large institution. Utilizing the latest software, our clients can see a current, day-to-day picture of their finances, including accounts for all their providers, not just the ones we handle. With compliance as a top priority, this technology enhances our clients’ experience and makes their lives much easier, giving them a better handle and view on their overall financial picture. 

Our investment process can be defined as a quantamental approach, combining advanced technology with human insight to provide a customizable experience. We also love connecting with people who would benefit from knowing each other, creating a safe network that provides access to new business opportunities. 

Here for You

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely experience sometimes, which is why we are here to support you. At Solidarity Wealth, we are your allies, united for your success. We would like to take this opportunity on our first anniversary to express our gratitude to you, our valued clients. We couldn’t have done this without your support and trust in us. Thank you to those who moved over with us and to those who have partnered with us since. We commit to continuing to work diligently for you and your financial future. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@solidaritywealth.com or call 385-374-1665. Thank you for celebrating with us!